Wiki question about level of care for 99218 and 99219?


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Question please:
Is the level of care for 99218 level 1 because it is the first code in its section?
Does the same rationale apply to 99219 (it would be a level 2)?
Could you clarify your question?
Initial observation care consists of only 3 codes
99218, 99219, and 99220
As for choosing a code, you will need to look at the descriptions for each:
For example, to code 99218, the documentation needs to meet all 3 key components; detailed or comprehensive history, detailed or comprehensive exam, and straightforward or low complexity medical decision making.
Thank you for answering my question! This "leveling," that's what I've been learning in terms of what code to choose. Laureen Jandroep says in her blitz that codes have "levels," all the way up to 5. So I was just trying to make sure that I understood (at least I am hoping that I understood) that a 99218 is a "level 1," 99219 is a "level 2" and 99220 is a "level 3"
The terms "level 1" . "level 2", and so on are only slang terms if you will. we use them to loosely refer to the different "levels" of visit available in any distinct section such as new patient has 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205.. so a shortcut or c]slang way to refer to these are "new patient level 1" and so on. it is nothing official, just passed down jargon thru the years.