Wiki Question about seeing minor patients without their parents/legal guardians

Richmond Hill, GA
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We are from a private practice family medicine office in rural Georgia, for background. What are your recommendations for creating office policy for seeing (or not seeing) minors whose parents or legal guardians are not present? It seems the state law on this is muddled as providers are not allowed to share pregnancy and other sexual health info with parents without the permission of the youth, but we cannot see patients without guardian permission (but it is not clear beyond "verbal or written" permission what constitutes this--ie do telephone calls count as verbal? a paper signed without notarization at home presented with the minor at the time of the appointment? etc). We are starting from the ground up here, trying to protect that "small town vibe where everyone helps everyone out," while also obviously protecting both the minors in question and our own practice. Thank you for your insight and help in advance.