Question for you Gastro billers out there!


Williamstown, NJ
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Hello All,

I wanted to get some opinions on a few things:

1. If my doctor sees a patient prior to colonoscopy screening and the patient is there to just go over the colonoscopy steps and sign consents. Are we able to charge for this visit? I have seen where it states if just there for a colon consult then it is included in the procedure.

2. If the doctor determines they are due for a screening and the patient comes in for such but in the course also states has had some constipation at times; do we bill this as a screening or diagnostic. How can we document to show that the doctor does not feel the constipation is serious enough to warrant a diagnostic colonoscopy?

I am trying to work on documentation with my provider and I am really looking for feedback so any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance :)