Question on ED procedure codes

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A patient of ours just received a bill from our local emergency room. Our doc was not involved. Our patient was simply wanting to see if we could explain it more, after they didn't understand the hospital's explanation. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss.

This patient received a bill for an ER visit that has both a 99282 and 99283 for the same visit. They were told that one was for the physician's service and the other was for the room fee (different revenue codes?).

I was under the impression that these codes were physician ER services only. Can any of you brilliant ER coders help me out? :)

Thank you!
Emergency Department charges are split billed. You have the profee portion which probably is the 99283 and then the facility can bill for use of the room and the work the auxillary personell do (nurses) that was probably the 99282.

I hope that helps.