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Reno, Nevada
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I had to revaildate my doctor with Medicare and it has caused nothing but problems. To make a long story short. It was done and completed and I recieved a letter stating everything was fine and as of April 12th we are to bill with new PTAN and NPI. The old PTAN would be deactivited on APril 11.

Palmetto Deactivited our old PTAN on March 15 the date of the letter. We have 130 claims not being paid well into $40,000:eek:. Provider Enrollment is saying we have to give them 1-2 weeks to fix and could take longer. I get sorry for any incovience it is making.

so my question is to anyone....Is there a place we can send a complaint?:confused: If so what is the link? Has anyone else had or having this problem?

Trying to get my doctor paid for his services.

Thank You :)