Questions on coding procedures

Mooresville, NC
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Thank you in advance!

I have a couple of questions related to procedure coding for dermatology. If anyone is able to answer these, it would be greatly appreciated!

1. For scar revision after an excision of malignant lesion due to the scar not healing properly, is a benign excision also billed or just the closure?

2. When a patient is seen for a delayed graft after a malignant lesion removal, should the malignancy still be coded though the cancer is no longer present, or would this now be coded as a wound with history of malignancy?

3. When re-excising a melanoma for unclear margins, do we code the length of the scar or just the malignancy? I know for the initial excision we code the lesion +margins, but unsure the process for re-excisions as the length of the scar is typically excised, not just the remaining malignancy.