Questions on Hormone Therapy


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I have a clinic that does Hormone Replacement Therapy that does not accept insurance that I have some questions about. Since they do not accept insurance, they charge certain fee's up front but encourage the patient to bill their insurance if they choose. Should they give the patient a filled out 1500 form? If so should they make the CPT billed amounts match what they charge the patient even if its more than what an insurance would allow? Im under the impression that since they dont accept insurance they can charge whatever they want, but it goes back to the supply/demand scenario so if they charged outrageous amounts no one would go there. Also, they have several creams and things they sell, but I dont think this can be reimbursed except from the pharmacy? The clinic pays the pharmacy for the creams, then they sell them to the patient. Do they have to charge the patient the same amount they paid the pharmacy for the creams? The same thing applies to labs. They draw the blood, send it to the lab who they pay for doing their work, then charge the patient a total price. Is this acceptable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.