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Ok, here goes, Urology MD dictates that he inserted needles into the perineum and prostate(brachytherapy)so I'm looking at cpt 55875, the radiation oncology doctor dictated he inserted needles thru the template into the perineum then inserted more seeds into the prostate with US so I'm looking at cpt 55875 with 77778 and US 76965. Now my question is being an ASC(Ambulatory Center) I can't use modifier 80 or 62 as they aren't approve for an ASC, so should the Urologist get the cpt 55875 with modifier 52??? Or am I coding this incorrectly?
I've never coded these procedures before as am a little nervous in doing we get larger more cases are coming thru....
Any help would be greatly apprecated.
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As an ASC facility, you certainly should be billing for the 55875, no modifier is needed. Although, I am a little surprised that your facility has an ultrasound machine (most surgery centers don't). Currently, you will not get reimbursed from Medicare for any radiology codes, but that is changing. In 2008, the ASC facility will be reimbursed from Medicare for the radiology as well as the the source material.