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I work for a carrier and recieved a claim billing the CPT code 77300 (basic radiation dosimetry calculation) with modifiers 22, TC and 184 units at $46,000.

When I look at the code in the CPT book it doen't indicate whether it can/should be billed with multiple units and if so what defines a unit? I want reimburse the provier correctly and need to know how to apply a unit to the treatment based on the records.

If your familiar with radiation billing and can give some insight I would be very grateful.

Vicky Green, CPC
Phoenix, AZ
I would say that the units are in error. I work for an oncology practice and we only bill for 1 unit a time. You might contact the office and ask for an explanation.
Thank you so much for your answer. I spoke with the office biller today and she stated that the treatment was cyberknife and medicare allows you to bill 1 unit per beam.

I'll have to on Medicare and see what I can find out.

Vicky Green, CPC
Phoenix, AZ