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I wanted to know if there is a cpt code for Radiofrequency Ablation or is this just a technique included in certain procedures and not a separate procedure? The radiologist performed a Kyphoplasty cpt 22523,72291.

There are codes for spinal RFA, assuming the DOS is in 2012, you would use 64633-64636 (destruction by neurolytic agent). The codes are divided by region like the epidural injections, and there are two sets of two codes each, one initial and one add-on. They are billed per joint (L1-L2 = 1 unit), and can be billed bilaterally, make sure you know how the payer wants it, -50 or -LT/-RT. The add-on codes can be billed for multiple units, again make sure you know how the payer wants to see it, as one line multiple, or multiple lines one each. If the DOS is before 2012, use 64622-64627 and bill per level, which can get annoying down around L4/L5/S1. Also, for 2012 fluoroscopic guidance is included, and if it is not used, then bill 64999 instead. I dont know too much about CMS and the diagnoses and all that, anybody else have that info?