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When dictating an extended bone survey does each image need to be mentioned or can a general review of the exam be dictated metioning the quantitiy of films? It is my understanding that if it is not documented/dictated it is not done. If the CPT cope mentions specifically a specific area/ body part in it's description, you would not specifically need to mention that part ,other than a finding that was unexpected, abnormal for that specific are or body part (EX: 77073 CPT description Bone length studies (orthoroentgenogram, scanogram) ) Since the description does not mention a specific bone or body part so the actual bone or body part would have to be mentioned in the dictated report to fulfill the documentation guidelines. Am I correct?
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If they mention both the appendicular (extremities) and axial (head and trunk) then you can bill a complete 77075 if they don't mention the head, trunk and extremities then I would bill for a limited.