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:confused: The Physician orders a Abdomen Series, (which includes upright and chest PA). I would code only 74022. Yet the billing company we use has the codes set up that I must order a 74022 and a 74000. The total cost of 74022 is $61.00, and the total cost of 74000 is $95.00. Since the series code 74000 price is less than the 1 view 74000, in order to get the full cost I must code out 74000 and 74022. Is this correct? I am new to radiology coding and I feel I am missing something here. Help please. Thank you
You code for what the radiologist if his dictation states 2 views of the abdomen plus a one view of the chest you code 74022 only.
If there were two views of the chest done (upright and PA) then
you would code 74020-abdomen series and 71020 for 2-view chest.