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How would you code nasopharyngeal rhabdomyosarcoma and paraspinal rhabdomyosarcoma? I only ask due to rhabdomyosarcoma takes you to connective tissue in the neoplasm table. Once there neither of these sites is on the list. The directions state to code to the noplasm of the site if not on that list. But can you code nasopharynx as head 171.0 or would you go to 147.9? Then on paraspinal since it's not on the list do you code as 170.2for spine even though it's not the actual bone it's (paraspinal)? Would it be 171.8 since you know it a connective tissue cancer of other specified sites? PLEASE HELP!!! Everyone I've asked gives different answers and I would love to know what the actual answer is or if this is another one of those gray areas in coding...