Re-Do Aortic Valve Replacement


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Can someone please advise me on re-do aortic valve replacement? Can the explantation be coded seperately or is included in 33405 (replacement aortic vavle)?

Aortotomy was made... The valve was excised with considerable difficulty. There as a small separation between the aortic root and the left ventricular wall about the non-coronary cusp which was repaired with the valve sutures. Following explantation of the Mosaic Valve, the ventricle was irrigated to remove any particulate debris that might have fallen into the ventricle. Interrupted horizontral mattress sutures were placed in the aortic vavle annulus, and also imbricating the aortic wall at the area of the non-coronary cusp that was found the be separated... the valve was then delived to the field...

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