Wiki Re-excision of previous Lumpectomy


Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Is this a possibility ? Would this not be just a Mastectomy ?
1st surgery was a Right breast Lumpectomy w/right axillary Lymphadenectomy sentinel lymph node BX. Positive margins. 2nd surgery listed as Re-excsion of previous Lumpectomy. Can anyone help me with this ?

As always very much appreciate everyones help
We also use the 19301 with a 58 modifier. Your reimbursement is greater with the 58 modifier and the 58 modifier states that the procedure is more extensive then the first procedure. Hope this helps...
another issue with modifier 78 is the global period does not restart as it does with 58. My physician lists possible reoperation for an inability to clear margins on the 1st surgery so when she has to go back for re-excision we can use the 58 which is then supported