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Stanford, KY
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Medicare recently asked my office to re-validate our information with them for both my doctors and the group. My office manager waited until the very last possible moment to complete this and then only did the information for each of my doctors individual NPI numbers but not the group NPI. Problem is, we bill Medicare under our group NPI number and I have now received nothing from them since mid-December. Interestingly, I have on occasion gotten payments from a patient's Medicare supplement policy but not one from Medicare themselves. I know I need to call and straighten this out but who do I call? If I call Medicare are they just going to refer me to PECOS? My office manager talked like the people at PECOS were rude to her when she contacted them with questions. I'm at a loss and need to fix this ASAP. All advice and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
Jennifer, CPC