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:confused:I need some clearification..We are doing billing for a primary care physician that reads his own x-rays. I need to know if we can bill for that reading or does it have to be read by a radiologist? Also if he reads his own x-rays does he have to do an actual findings report or can he add it into his dictation?
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If the doctor does in fact read his own x-rays, then it is possible for him to bill for the professional component himself (unless he also owns the equip then global). However, in order to qualify for this, the provider must do a separate radiology report for each x-ray he wants to bill, and it can't be included in the office note. the interpretation and report that makes up the -26 component is just that: interpretation of the findings, and the creation of a report. if the doctor doesn't do this, then he can't bill for it. make sense? :)