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I need help coding this Op Report:
We began by mobilizingthe skin edges around the wound in order to clear off the area around the gastrotomy. Once this done, it appeared that we would be able to mobilize a small rectus flap in order to wrap around the gastric lease was and divert that area from the main open chronic wound. This was done using electrocautery mobilizing the medial edge of the the left rectus along with some subcutaneous fat. Once this the tissue was taced around the gastrotomy using 2-0 PDS suture. A 24-French Foley was then brought through a stab incision in the left upper quadrant and passed into the stomach. The ballon was inflated to 15cc. This appeared to have adequate seal without any tension. At that point, the sutures on the flap were secured. We immobilized remainder of the wound edges and brought the wound together in the inferior and superior areas using a O Prolene. This effectived drew the left skin edge more medially covering the area where the G-tube is and again isolating it from the remainder of the wound. An Adaptic was then placed at the base of the wound and wound VAC sponge placed. Good seal was obtained.

I think there should be 3 codes:
Flap rectus -- need code
Placement of Gastrotomy Tube -- need code
Wound Vac -- 97605