Wiki Redo left to right fem-fem crossover graft


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Would appreciate any thoughts on the following: Doc makes bilateral groin incisions and explores previous graft, creates a suprapubic tunnel and then clamps the left side. Fem-fem graft is disconnected and a segment excised. Then sews a PTFE graft with ribs. Passes the graft in the tunnel and performs right groin anastomosis the same way as the left side ( i.e. excising a segment of the previous fem-fem graft). I'm thinking 35661 as the revision codes don't seem appropriate and the the reop code 35700 can't be used with 35661 but stuck on the fact that this is a reop. Thanks in advance for any help
I wouldn't use 35661 since this is a revision and not the original graft placement. I would take a look at 35883. I feel this code is the better option here. What do you think? I don't have the report but it looks like you put what was needed in your post.