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Greensboro, NC
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I know standard Medicaid does not require a referral and I understand that Carolina Access does for a specialist. My question is does the referral have to have an authorization number on it?
I thought it did and when I called the PCP and asked for one I could feel them stare at me through the phone like I had 4 eyes. Needless to say, they could not provide one because they said they've never had to do that before. They said the only thing that is needed is the referring providers NPI.

I have a paper referral for 2 patients, both of which are Carolina access. One "referral" is just a chart note with a coversheet. The other is a coversheet with a demographics page that, in summery, says "The patient wishes to be referred to this specific practice."
Both include the patients reason for coming to a specialist. They do not include, authorization numbers, start/end dates, or how many visits allowed. I work at a very small private practice so any info helps.