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When submitting an EOB with either a secondary claim or for an appeal does anyone
  • black out the names and identifying information of other patients
  • copy cut and paste only the information pertinent for that patient
  • do you send the complete EOB with all information for all patients showing?

Now I called this release of protected health information but I have been scrubbing this information all the way back to the 80's. So long before it was a HIPAA requirement.

I am being told though that our organization is the only one doing this and that my interpretation is too strict. Help please....thanks
Hi...I've worked for a large billing company (50+ employees) and all EOB's sent to 2ndaries had all "identifying markers" blacked out (acct #'s, names, ID #'s, all of it). Also, both the MD I currently work for and my past employer had us do the same thing. Hope this helps.
Yes, if it is a 'remit' such as anthem or medicare where several patients are listed on one page, I as well black out the name and information of the unrelated patients. If it is an 'eob' like Aetna or something with one patient per page, then I just send it as is.
As a HIPAA Compliance Officer, I would say you are doing it right. When submitting EOB to secondary you should black out the "protected" info of the other patients listed.

I have also been doing this for many years and it just goes to show that we were protecting patient's privacy long before HIPAA!
:eek: I can not believe someone told you that, I have always done that and every office and hospital I have worked in has always blacked out the names also. That is the way you submit EOBs to secondary payers for the very reason that everyone else has already stated there are other patients information on there. Who ever told you that doesn't know a thing about HIPPA. Good luck:eek:
I have also black out everything except for the patient information you sending a secondary claim on. I LOVE :) the new electronic remintance advice so you can just print one person's information to send for the secondary claim instead of having to smell the Sharpi fumes. Just wish I could get our program to allow us to send secondary claims to Medicare working.