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What are the reqirements to bill RPM with medicare? Can an urgent care clinic bill for the services with RPM and receive payment? Or does it have to be credentialed as a Primary care facility? We are just starting CCM and are trying to polish out all of the details.
Hi Logan
Your urgent care office must be credentialed with Medicare and each of the clinical providers such as MD, DO, NP,CNS or PA too. These licensed provider need to be listed under the urgent care address too. Ensure the EMR documentation records list pt' s verifying name, date, address at top of record and why getting care NOC or follow up. Ensure use MDM or SOAP guide for care in notations plus add how many minutes talked or video care with the pt on med record. Attestation is required too by staff. Here are the CPT codes phone call for licensed staff is CPT 99441 to 99444. Internet letter message G0212 or 99452 . If the staff is using Eval /Mgnt codes CPT 99202 to 99215 add modifier 95 on each CPT . If urgent care is open past 10 pm till 8 am next day treating pts. you can bill extra CPT 99050 to 99053 online with other treatment CPT codes. Natural if urgent care close by 9pm can t bill that CPT. Might want to check if pt is out of state will remote service be covered....depends on your Medicare regional office rules.

I hope this data helps you!

Lady T