Wiki Removal of device w/ re-insertion of another.


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My question involves the removal of a right breast cavity evaluation device and the placement of a Mammosite catheter.

"Patient was placed on the ultrasound table in prone position with the right arm above her head and a wedge behind her shoulder blade. The area was prepped with Betadine, the balloon deflated, and the cavity evaluation removed. I had localized the tract with 1% lidocaine with epinephrine. The area was re-prepped with Betadine, draped with 4 sterile towels. A 4-cm to 5-cm tufted MammoSite catheter was inserted and inflated with 35 ml of diluted contrast."

I am coding 19296 for the placement of the mammosite catheter. My question is do I first code for the removal of the BCED or is it inclusive of the later procedure as the dr. is re-inserting a different device in the same area?

I am going to say that the removal of the previously placed biopsy cavity evaluation device is not additionally codeable/ reimburseable. I think it would be considered inclusive of it's previous p[lacement.