Wiki removal of exostosis at prior amputation site


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I am having LOTS of trouble with this op notes... I keep going back to code ranges 25927-25999. Can anyone help/correct me with this? Thank you :(

Reason for operation: Status post amputation of the rihgt 4th finger with overgrowth exostosis.

Principle Procedure: Removal of exostosis of the right 4th finger with revision of distal amputation site.

The patient was site marked in the holding area. Time-ut was done on the patient's entry into the room. One gram Ancef was given within one hour if incision. All bony prominences were appropriately padded. Warm blankets and IV fluids were used throughout the procedure to maintain optimum normothermia. An incision was made over the exosotsis poking through the tip of the right 4th finger in an elliptical fashion. We then used a Freer elevator and a knife to dissect over the bone until we could peel the skin back from around the bone. We used a rongeur to rongeur back to bone. We copiously irrigated, and then used a rasp to soften the edges. We then ellipsed some of the skin so that we could do a distal closure and then closed with interrupted Prolene. The patient was placed in a bulky dressing and taken to the recovery room in good condition. Sponge and needle counts were correct.