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on 8/31 my surgeon did an exploratory laparotomy, on 9/9 the pt was taken back for another laparotomy to remove a retained sponge. i know this isn't billable but i also code the anesthesia for the same group is the anesthesia billable?
The second procedure would not have been necessary had the sponge been removed during the original procedure. I can't find the link at this moment, but all services and procedures necessary to remove a foreign object left behind from the first procedure are not billable, including the anesthesia. In other words, the anesthesia is a requirement to perform the second procedure and therefore it's viewed in the same way as the procedure itself is. When I find the link to this, I'll post it.
Hello. Any follow-up on this thread. Do we have a link/ guideline that states that the removal of unintentionally left foreign objects from the previous surgery are not separately reported? Thank you.