Removing the "A"


Tampa, FL
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So I have been working as a coder since October of 2019 when I passed my exam, however, because my position previous to my current one was a "full revenue cycle" position (meaning I did coding, billing, A/R, and payment posting) my supervisor at the time did not feel comfortable vouching that I had any specific amount of time just straight coding. I did take an AAPC approved certificate course, so I only need 1 year worth of documented experience in order to remove the A....does anyone know if they will accept hours (i.e. a standard full-time job is 40 hours per week, 40x52=2080) or does it have to be calendar months?

The reason being, I am considering taking a job offer that is much higher in pay compared to what I make now, and it would start after the New Year. My start date at this current job was 01/18/21 but I have worked a lot of overtime so I will definitely have the hours of experience. It seems silly to have this job complete a certification letter for 11 months, and then have the new job complete one for 30 days.....