Rendering Provider


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I work in a outpatient clinic for College kids and we are having an issue with the student insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan) we are contracted with. We have Nurses that see patient's that give injections/ paper work to students. When the Nurses enter in the EHR note they put their name as the Rendering Provider, which doesn't generate a NPI number on the HCFA for that claim. When our HCFA's 1500 claim forms are getting generated to send to our Student Insurance the NPI number's aren't connected to them because the HCFA pulls the Rendering Provider number and Nurses don't have ones. So, my question is...we have Head Physician that is over our clinic, are we able to use her name and NPI number as the Billing Provider and the Rendering Provider...even though the nurse is giving the shot and the EHR note states it's done by the Nurse? We just wanted to make sure we weren't doing anything illegal.:eek: