Question Repair of External Iliac Artery


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My surgeon was called into a surgery to repair the External Iliac Artery accidentally cut by the surgeon performing the intended surgery. I am trying to find a code for this procedure and am not sure what code to use. If anyone can help with a code it would be appreciated!!


The patient was already open with the left external iliac artery exposed. After debriding the edges of the 2 sides to the external iliac artery, some of the irregular intima was excised. A 5 0 prolene double-armed stitch was obtained and used to approximate the posterior walls of the artery. A running anastomosis was created using the 5 0 prolene stitch from the back to the front and then from the back medially to anteriorly. Care was taken to suture down the irregular intima. Near completion of the anastomosis, the heparinized saline was used to flush the distal end as it was allowed to back flow. Then heparinized saline was injected into the proximal end while was allowed to flow antegrade. As the last stitch was placed the distal in was unclamped and then the proximal in was unclamped. One repair stitch was needed to control bleeding. The gel-foam and thrombin was placed on it pressure was held. This controlled any oozing at the anastomosis. The foot appeared warm and had a 2-3 second capillary refill. There was intermittent doppler signals noted in the dorsalis pedis and monophasic doppler noted in the posterior tibial. Plans to 3 checked the doppler signals later on in the case was suggested, in case there was spasming.