Wiki Reporting of non-payable HCPCS

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LifeCell has imaging equipment used to test vascular flow in flaps for both hernia repairs/revisions as well as breast reconstruction. The kit for the imaging is reported under C9733, and the ICD-9 proc code is 17.71.

However, as 19303, 19357, 19860, etc., would be reported as primary with status indicator of T, and the C9733 code has a status indicator of Q2 (not payable when submitted with a T status indicator procedure), are any of the facilities still actually reporting the C9733?

What is your facility's practice when a code will be "bunded" or not paid? Do you still report? If yes, what's your experience from the Payors?

Thank you all in advance for your attention in this matter. It's all brand new here....the code....the imaging procedure.....and the edits. So your help is desperately needed and will be most gratefully received!

Mary Corkins