Reporting Required for MRI's (freestanding facility)


Science Hill, KY
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I am reaching out to you simple because I am unable to find an answer else where. Everyone I have spoken to has advised me to ask the AAPC. I really hope you can answer my question and or guide me in finding the answer.

There seems to be some disagreement between our coders and Radiologist on reporting requirements. So the question is, How many reports are required when billing more than one CPT for MRI on the same day?? Example: We had a claim come in for CPT 73730 / 73723 (joint and non joint) on the same day for the same patient. One is a joint and one is non joint. They both have a billed amount. So to me this is two separate studies we are billing and should have a dedicated report for each. Or is it appropriate to just mention it in the technique on one report?? See below for the response from the Radiologist when ask about the second report. Any input or guidance would be much appreciated.

Radiologist comment: I mention in the technique that mri of both joints is done. As long as the technique states both then same report should be ok.