Wiki Resection of tarsal coalition with soft tissue graft


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Partial op not states:

The calcaneal cuboid jint and the junction of the calcaneus and navicular were inspected and theree was noted to residual bridging of the osseous structures primarily between the calcaneus and the cuboid, the cuboid and the navicular, an the anterior process of the calcaneus at its junction with the lateral navicular. A wedge of bone was resected from the area of coalition and bone wax was applied to raw bleeding surfaces. range of motion was the evaluated and was noted to be much more supple than prior to the resection of the coalition. A Solana Acellular Dermal graft was placed between the oposing osseous surfaces post resection of the coalition to prevent refusion.

I have the 28116 for the tarsal coalition ostectomy, but would there be a code for the Solana Acellular Dermal graft?