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I often code for In-patient services. Recently I came across a situation where a Respiratory Therapist (Hospital employee) performed an Intubation and the physician is trying to bill for that Intubation. When I talked to the MD he argued that he gave the order and was in the room the entire time. I do not feel that the MD should bill since he did not actually perform the service. I would appreciate input from others that may have encountered this situation and if I am correct in my thoughts, what can I use to support them.
Just an additional note: I believe that in a Teaching Facility the MD's often bill when they are training residents, but we are not a Teaching Facility.
Also wanting to know

My doc stated he supervised the intubation but the resp. therapist actually performed it. Did you ever get an answer?
'Incident to' billing is not allowed in a facility setting, so physicians may not bill for services that were performed by others and that they only supervised. The physician can only bill in this scenario if the service was performed in that physician's office and was done my their own employee. If the RT is a hospital employee, however, the hospital can include this in the facility claim since it is a facility expense.
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