Resume...Professional or DIY?

Jupiter , FL
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Has anyone had their resume professionally done, or know of any coding specific resume builders out there? Or have you gone the DIY route? For those that have gone the professional route, did you notice any striking difference to what you would have done or had done already?


True Blue
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I've never had my resume "professionally done" but that was before companies were using programs to scan resumes for specific key words. There are hundreds of websites that can give advice and recommendations. Whatever you do, make sure there is not a single typo. Don't use "HIPPA" when you mean "HIPAA". Don't make it a novel. Don't use giant fonts. Don't use an email like "sexynakedcoder". One page is ideal, two pages can also be acceptable if everything on there is relevant. If you already have 5 coding/billing relevant positions, leave off your movie theater job in college. If this is a new career for you, then word your responsibilities at your prior jobs to show certain experience is relevant to this position. If you are casting a wide net, I would have a few resumes worded differently based on the position you are applying for.
Me personally, I would do it myself, but if after sending out resumes for 2 weeks, didn't get any contact, I would then consider having it professionally done. It could also depend on how quickly/how desperately you need a coding job soon. If you're not working now, paying to have it done in order to land a position sooner may be money well spent.
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