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Sandy, UT
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I can't find anything on this-please help. Vag hyst done, bleeding, Dr A goes in laparoscopically to fix, can't. Dr B comes in, finds uterine arterty bleeding in pelvic area, clips it, all done.
Why can't I find a code for return to or for uterine artery hemorrhage repair???:confused:
Return to op room

I'm new to this, but will try:

Dr A:
58578-78 Unlisted laparoscopy procedure, uterus - with modifier for unplanned return to operating room

Dr B:
35226-77 Repair blood vessel, direct; lower extremity - with modifier for repeat procedure by another physician
I can't use an unlisted code because our Medicaid contractor won't pay on them. 35226 descrpition isn't as close to what was actually done. Thanks though! Anyone else have any ideas???
I could really use some more details but from what I'm gathering 49320 for Doc A with 78 modifier for bleeder, then possibly the 35221 code, I'm assuming Doc B did it laprascopic as well, and not open. See if these codes fit with what you are trying to code.