Reviewing behavioral health & AODA notes in Wisconsin

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I started a new coding position at a small clinic that offers behavioral health and AODA counseling. Former billers/coders did not have access to notes or encounters because the provider took care of things herself but there have been many changes to staff. I have access to our AODA notes to make sure certain criteria has been met but our other counselor does not want anyone to have access to her notes; she goes as far as typing them up is Microsoft Word and prints off the note to place in a paper chart and deletes what is typed even though we have an electronic system. I know there are certain policies in place on who can have access to what but I am getting mixed messages from co-workers and superiors on who should be able to review what type of note. Can someone tell me where I can find documentation that states the billing/coding department can review such notes and what criteria needs to be met so as a facility we do not get dinged when an audit occurs.

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