Question Revision of AKA stump

Whitley City, KY
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My provider list the procedure performed as a revision of AKA stump. Patient had previous AKA by another physician in another state and when moving here the stump became infected and bone exposed. \

Physician brought the patient to the OR and mad an elliptical incision around the stump. then went through the subcutaneous tissue and muscle layers using electrocautry. Arterial venous bundles were clamped and tied using silk suture. Using a bone we transected the bone. A rasp was then used to smooth the edge, At this point we irrigated copiously using warm normal saline solution with bacitracin. At this point we reapproximated the periosteum using 0 Vicryl interrupted sutures. We reapproximated the fascial tissue in the same manner using 0 Vicryl in a interrupted fashion along the length of the opening. At the this point the edges were length quite nicely we were able to reapproximate the skin edges using staples for closure.

I am needing help with what CPT to use?