Revision pulmonary artery band


Stratford, NJ
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Is this service billable and if so, what is the CPT? I can only find the placement of the bands (33620) and removal as part of other procedures, but nothing that clearly indicates a revision. Would it be appropriate to bill this as 33620-52 for reduced service?

The patient was brought to the operating room. After adequate general anesthesia had been obtained, the neck, chest, abdomen, and groin were prepped and draped in sterile fashion. Previous incision was reopened. The sternal wires were removed. The sternum was divided using oscillating saw and cautery and the sternal halves carefully elevated. The main pulmonary artery and atrium were mobilized. The previous band was mobilized. A pressure catheter was placed in the distal pulmonary artery. Initially the aortic pressure was 86 with a pulmonary artery pressure of 43. The band was gradually tightened until the aortic pressure increased to 103 and the distal PA pressure decreased to 33. Saturations on room air were approximately 81% to 82% with an arterial PO2 of approximately 40. This was thought to be adequate tightening of the band. The wound was copiously irrigated with saline solution. Hemostasis was ensured.