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Looking for some advice...:confused:

I have a provider performing CT guided RFA of a metastatic lesion to the right acetabulum and then injecting cement into the area.

"Then, under direct CT guidance a 10-gauge kyphoplasty needle was then advanced through into the posterior aspect of the lytic lesion within the right acetabulum. Subsequently, a second 10-guage kyphoplasty needle was advanced under direct CT guidance in the anteromedial aspect of the lytic lesion with the right acetabulum. Once proper positioning of the needles was confirmed with CT guidance then a radioprequency ablation probe were inserted. Proper positioning of the probe was confirmed. Radiofrequency ablation was then performed through both needles for 7.5 minutes. The needles were then positioned within the superficial aspect of the lesion and repeat radiofrequency was performed though both needles for 7.5 minutes.
The cement was then mixed and injected initially through the more lateral prove and through the more posteromedial probe, with good distribution."

The provider used an unlisted code for the cement injection. I am not convinced both can be billed. Just want to know what other think.
Thank you for taking the time to review.