Right femoral pseudoaneurysm


Fairfield Bay, AR
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I am having trouble coding the evacuation of the clot because the defect was not cut out.

Op Note: the patient as brought to the operating room and had a radial arterial line and CVP started, was anesthetized and intubated. A small incision was made over the groin area. The clot was evacuated, the femoral artery was identified, puncture site was identified with pressure control of the arter, 5-0 Prolene simple sutures x 2 to control the puncture site. Small J-P drain placed, wound closed in layers.

Any help with the CPT is greatly appreciated!
Maybe I'm missing something, but what defect are you referring to? I read the note as a clot was evacuated which allowed for a puncture site to be located, which was then repaired.