Question Right inguinal hernia repair with drainage of hydrocele and partial marsupialization of hydrocele sac


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I need help with coding the drainage and partial marsupialization of the hydrocele sac. This was done during an open inguinal hernia repair adult male (49505).
The only thing I can come up with is the unlisted procedure code 55899. Or would this be included in the hernia repair?

This is the notation following the hernia repair with mesh.
*I then brought the hydrocele up into the incision and opened it with the electrocautery. I partially marsupialized it by suturing the edges with a running Vicryl suture. I carefully inspected for hemostasis and found to be adequate. I then closed Scarpa's with interrupted Vicryl sutures. We closed the skin with a series of subcuticular stitches.