Right leg traction ICD-10 CM help


Flowery Branch, GA
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Hello, I work for an ambulance company so our coding is a bit more difficult sometimes in that we don't get documents from a physician, we get CMN/PCS forms filled out by nurses or care coordinators. Which means we have to hunt and get really creative with searching in order to find ICD-10 codes that are most appropriate for the "condition of the patient at the time of transport".

With that said, we transported a patient who required a stretcher due to "CLE multiple fractures" and the crew noted the patient had a non-healed right leg fracture and was in a traction device.

So what I know is patient has a closed fracture lower right leg and in traction and I cannot find an appropriate CM code for this. I can use S82.891A "Other fracture of right lower leg, initial encounter for closed fracture" but what I really need is a code that includes/indicates the fact patient was in a traction device going to rehab - and as an ambulance transport, we don't/cant use ICD-10 PCS codes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Younwould not use the 7th character of A for a patient and hat has a fracture that has been treated. The subsequent 7th characters will be the correct one and will b all that will be needed.