right thoracotomy


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Hello, I am new to some of these thoracotomy codes , can someome point me in the right direction for this one ?

DX- Long gap esophageal atresia

Procedure -Right thoracotomy and esophagoesophagostomy

After anesthesia, patient was placed in lateral decubitus position with an axillary roll in place . The previous placed traction sutures were cut at skin level and blosters were removed . The chest tube was removed and the right chest was prepped and draped. The old skin incision and the chest wall closure sutures were removed and the pleural space entered . There were a small amount of reactive fluid and exudate . The 2 pouches were dissected bluntly and there was length for anastomosis . The distal pouch was open and lumen identified. The proximal pouch was open and posterior wall of the anastomosis was reapproximated with sutures and a 10-french Replogle nasogastric tube was advanced through the anastomosis into the stomach . The anterior wall was of the anastomosis was completed with sutures .A 7-mm Jackson drain was placed into the pleural space alomgside the esophagus and exited through the old chest tube exit site and secured with sutures. The ribs were reapproximated with sutures. The chest wall muscles and skin were closed with sutures

any ideas of the code ?