Risk Adjustment and Telehealth visits


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Anyone have information on whether providers can perform AWV's on telehealth for RA purposes? My office (we are a MA plan) has providers asking if they can perform these visits and send over the completed visit for HCC recording. I cannot find information anywhere and these visits are not in regards to COVID-19. Any updates?
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My office is also providing the AWV on telehealth. We are also holding claims for no clear information. With traditional medicare policy, physical exam is not a required element for AWV. So in that sense, it should be acceptable. Greatly appreciate anyone's input or feedback.
I've been in meetings where we've been informed that AWV (G0438 & G0439) can be done through Telehealth for Medicare members. The Initial G0402 IPPE can not be done though. I'm trying to find out if the physicians offices can conduct AWV on non-Medicare Commercial patients? If anyone know this please let me know.