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Phoenix, AZ
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I'd like to share a room for Nashville. It's a great way to network and I've met some great people sharing a hotel room and it saves money, so let me know if you're interested. I don't have any odd habits, except maybe to debate some coding guidelines.:)
LOL on the odd habits.

Let the AAPC know that you're looking for a roommate. I actually did this in Jacksonville, and they paired me with a wonderful roommate whom I actually keep in touch with.
Looking for a roommate in Nashville

I am no longer looking for a roommate as of 2/20/14. - thank you for trying to reach me.

I am looking for a roommate for the pre conference events. I arrive 4/11/14 and would like to share a room for a portion of the time or for the entire time of the conference.

It's a time to make new friends and see the old. See you at conference!

Please email me at

Thank you,

Mary Johnston RN, BSN, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I
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Looking for a roommate in Nashville

Pam, AAPC no longer pairs attendees due to some difficulties in the past. I was disappointed because I too met some great people as roommates!
That's too bad! I guess they didn't want to be responsible if people were unhappy. I had a good experience with getting paired up with a roommate, so I'd encourage it as long as people discuss their habits/expectations right up front.

However, there's no reason that people can't connect here on the discussion board.
roommate for Nashville

Hi Mary Z...I haven't received your response and I sent several emails to you...
thanks, Lillian
I couldn't find your reply emails

Lillian, I am sorry I didn't see any of your emails, and had to make other arrangements. I will look you at conference. I wanted to call you back and still couldn't find your #. Mary