ROS How Often Do You Need It Updated

Stephens City, VA
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How often is it required that you get an updated ROS for a patient?

With every new problem?

Once every year?

I understand that you can use a ROS from a previous visit and reference that date, but how many years back can you go?

We have found 3+years that a patient has gone without a new ROS. I have always heard that you get a new ROS on a patient with a new problem/body part and when your ROS is over a year old?

I cannot find in the guidelines where it states the time frame allowed for using a ROS that you already have.


By ROS, I assume you mean "review of systems"...?

The ROS is one of the three main components of the history portion for any E/M service. Because it's specific to the CC for that one specific encounter, it wouldn't be an ongoing, rolling piece of information like, for example, a patient's past medical history. Off hand, I can't think of any scenario where a provider wouldn't do an ROS regarding a patient's CC.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking.