Rotator cuff repair, Regeneten bioinductive allograft


Seattle, WA
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The provider did a rotator cuff repair with diagnoses of partial rtc tear and adhesive capsulitis. He also did capsular reconstruction with a Regeneten patch graft. Code 29827 includes the graft, but doesn't seem to reflect the added complexity. Does anyone know how to get reimbursement for this procedure. Can I code 29827 + 29806-59. If I add a -22 modified, what kind of documentation is required? Is there a HCPCS code for the graft? Can I use 15777 for the implantation of the biological matrix or is this only for the trunk (not including the shoulder). If I use 17999, it won't get reimbursed. I'm really stumped on this one. Can anyone help?
After deep research into this, I've discovered that IF arthroscopic the best case scenario and advice is to bill 29999 (Regeneten Path procedure, compare to 23412). 23412 is for OPEN procedure but the lay term describes the procedure to a "T". 17999 wouldn't be appropriate because it's not from the Orthopedic code set.