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1. Please consider our job center when looking for consulting opportunities. The advanced search options there will allow drilling down to contract and short term projects. This forum is only provided as an alternative medium to share known opportunities.

2. This forum is exclusively for posting short-term consulting projects or opportunities (for pay) and should be used to solicit expert coders with experience in a specific field of medical coding.

3. This is not a forum for posting job opportunities or resumes. If you wish to post a full-time or part-time position, please refer to our Job Posting forum.

4. Starting a New Thread (project): Give all the details of the project as you would a job posting in order to narrow down the field of coders that should respond to your request. This might include general or specialty knowledge/experience required, estimated time required, on-site or remote, pay range (unless flexible), and how the respondents should contact you.

Note: New threads are subject to approval and may be deleted without warning or notification.

5. Replying to Threads: This forum is reserved for soliciting "experts" in the field of medical coding. If you do not have sufficient skills, experience or qualifications, do not contact the original poster or reply to this thread (if the thread is left open to replies). If, however, you feel you are sufficiently qualified, please refer to the original post for information on how to apply/respond appropriately for the consulting opportunity. If instructions are missing or vague, you may reply with your skills, experience and other qualifications as they pertain to the consulting project. It is recommended that if the project poster did not leave contact information that you reply with yours (phone, email, or ask to private message (PM) you).

6. Failure to follow these Rules: Those that do not follow these rules will have their posts deleted and may be banned from using these forums.
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