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Mesa, AZ
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I have always followed the guideline of not setting a self pay fee schedule at less than what Medicare allows. Can someone show me the regulation that would support that.
I've searched but can't seem to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Honestly your self pay fee cannot be lower than your posted fee schedule for all payers. You cannot discount for financial hardship to lower than medicare allows. The Most Favored Nation clause actually addresses this which states that the fee you charge any one entity (WC is exempt) cannot exceed that which you charge your least charged entity. There are many concerns with a separate fee for self pay. You are giving an incentive to insured individuals to drop their insurance when they find that they can for go paying high premiums knowing that you will charge them less. it is a very bad practice, and many states have regulations which forbid this practice. So step carefully.
Where can I find the guidelines in Florida? Is it the Florida Statutes? Do you have a reference for Florida?

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