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OK...there seems to be some disagreement within my office on Rx Drug Management. The case is: An emergency room provider orders 1 Norco for a patient while he is being assessed in the ED but does not prescribe any long term pain meds on discharge. Some are saying simply ordering the 1 dose is Rx management and other are saying NO it does not constitute Rx management. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
Here's feedback on your question from First Coast Service Options which is a MAC. Hope this helps to answer your question.

What constitutes prescription drug management?

Q. During an evaluation and management visit, what constitutes “prescription drug management?”
A. “Prescription drug management” is based on documented evidence that the provider has evaluated medications as part of a service, in relation to the patient. This may be a prescription being written or discontinued, or a decision to maintain a current medication/dosage.
Note: Simply listing current medications is not considered “prescription drug management.”