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I am a CPC, MLT (ASCP)<certified medical lab. technician, CDT(certified bone
densitometry technician) with 15 year experience at my current office(OB-GYN). My annual evaluation is due this money. Does anyone have an idea of the current salaries for my area. I feel I am grossly underpaid at $14.00/hr.
( also, I can cover any area in the office>lab, nursing, office , etc ...and I am expected to cover these areas if someone is absent....thx for your help Tammy:confused: :confused:
Yes, Tammy, I agree, you are grossly underpaid. I am a newly certified coder in Virginia and I make a little (precious little) more than that, and I don't have anywhere near as much experience, nor responsibility as you. I recently received a raise with my company. What I did was sat down and listed off all the responsibilities that I had (new and old) and listed off the reasons why I am a valuable worker. I went to my boss before my annual review was written by her so that she could write my review with these things in mind. I had a brief discussion with her explaining that I had enjoyed my new responsiblities (blah, blah, blah), briefly went through my accomplishments for the year, and explained to her that I would appreciate it if she would keep those accomplishments in mind when drafting my annual review. She got the point...and I got the raise. My advice, do some research on what an employee with your credentials in your area should be making. I believe the AAPC's website has some tools for salary surveys, also you can look for an average salary posting in your favorite search engine. Hope this helps!
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For a baseline, try Just follow the instructions to find the salary for your job title in your area. Be sure you insert your zip where appropriate.

You have various "specialties" to consider and this website will allow you to get a base and mix/match the salaries. Perhaps an average when all is said and done?

Hope this helps.
I'm not sure this'll help, but it has been a way I've judged offered salary before--when considering a job.

Take a baseline--for purposes here, we'll use the AAPC Salary survey. Look at what a coder with your credentials, level of experience, makes--on average, based on your location. Arrive at something as close to a median salary as possible.

To that, use the info. gained out of the website posted on the prior reply and average out what folks with your other experience and credentials are generally making--this is going to be less specific geographically, I suspect. Once you've got that average, I'd sort of factor in that salary total with the one gained from the AAPC survey and come up with an average.

In that way, you could even go into a rather lengthy discussion with your seniors on how you arrived at your specified range.

In truth, I understand your pain--and agree, you are underpaid significantly--but know that some employers just are not willing to pay commensurate with qualification and value.

Good luck to you! Let know how that turns out!

I am a certified coder with 12 years experience. I wish I knew the answer to your question, because I am looking for the same answer. I make significantly more money than you, but live in the North. The cost living is much more here so it accomodates with the salary. The reason why I am writing is that I want to relocate down there. My question is that, what do you think a certified coder with my experience can make down there. I also am the Medical Billing Manager in my office. I run the Medical Billing office for an Urgent Care Center, Primary Care Center, Laboratory Services, Hospitalists, and Xray Servies. What would the base pay (estimate) be for someone with my knowledge and experience. Appreciate your Help.... :)